CBSE Workshop

Sl. No Name of the Event Mention Whether State / National / International Level Date & Place of the event Number of participants
1 English Workshop on communication skill and effective communication Oxford University Press 23rd May 2018 Belagavi 05
2 Kannada language ( Workshop) Conducted by Saraswati book stall (State Level) 28th July 2018. Belagavi 04
3 Maths(Workshop )on Curriculum management Conducted by GRam Publication 21st June 2018. Belagavi 05
4 Maths workshop on lesson plan Conducted by Venugram(NKS) 25th and 26th may 2018. Belagavi 07
5 English Language Lab(Workshop) Technical issues faced operating the software Conducted by Wordsworth 23rd June 2018. KLE International School, Belagavi 02
6 Classroom Management(Workshop) Conducted by CBSE 2nd May 2018. Angadi International School Belagavi 02
7 Science Workshop Conducted by Macmillan 25th May 2018, Belagavi 10
8 Capacity Building on Remodeled structure assessment for secondary school Conducted by CBSE 14 July 2018, Kalpavruksha Model School, Bailhongal 02
9 Capacity Building ( Workshop) Conducted by CBSE 4th August 2018. Angadi International School 04
10 Inclusive Education (Workshop) Conducted by Macmillan Publication 26th and 27th August 2018.Angadi International School Belagavi 03
11 G.K.( Workshop) Conducted by Grey Caps 22nd May 2018. KLE school Belagavi 02
12 Social Science (Workshop) Conducted by IFD 2nd June 2018. Belagavi 05
13 Hindi( Workshop) Conducted by Madhuban and Saraswati Publication 24th and 25th May 2018. Belagavi 04
14 Science(Workshop) on text Book Curriculum Conducted by MacMilan Publication 25th May 2018 10
15 Pre primary Workshop on Phonetics Conducted by Macmilan Publication 28th May 2018 08
16 PRP Workshop on Gender Sensitization and Inclusive Education. Conducted by CBSE April 2018 02

CBSE Workshop on Gender sensitivity

Workshop on Save Water

KG Mother's Workshop