It is with great pride and pleasure, I, Asha Kantha Martin, Principal of KLE, CBSE English Medium school, Nipani, greet you and solicit your good will and camaraderie.

At the outset I acknowledge the massive and noble efforts of KLE Society in spreading and developing ‘Knowledge’ through education. Let us remember that ‘Knowledge’ is the most powerful ingredient for the very existence of human race and for development of technology and democracy. I am grateful to the society for giving me the opportunity to be a part of that great family in pursuit of greater progress.

Modern education is not confined to the knowledge of any geographical limits but of global. Knowledge is not of local, national but international. Added to this is the various ways of teaching methodology. One who teaches is required to know the procedures and be confident and competent to teach and nurture.

We, at KLE believe that every child is unique and strive towards holistic approach to impart knowledge by emphasising in differentiation learning, inclusive learning, competency-based learning, Project based learning and experiential learning, with a view to give a sound foundation not only for the subject but also extracurricular activities that inculcate care, respect, tolerance, confidence, and curiosity. Primary requirement of leadership qualities and democratic values are obtained through Student Council activities. We also believe in inter disciplinary and integrated approach to aspect of development to face any types of challenges that the career of life present to a global citizen.

We strongly believe that the bond between home and school will help the children to shine in every aspect of their life.

I would like to conclude by thanking you all for entrusting the children into the safe hands of KLE family for their education and realisation of aspirations. Let us work together to make a difference in their lives and reach greater heights.